Cubase 5 with EMU 0404 PCIe

This has been endlessly frustrating.

Windows 8 system, 64-bit.

Disabled the onboard audio in the BIOS.

Set the Patchmix to 44.1k

Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Can’t find a rhyme or reason as to why… but right now it’s in a “I’m not going to work” mode.

Other Windows audio works fine… but any files playing in Cubase don’t reach the E-MU mix board at all. So the levels are moving inside Cubase… but nothing outside.

I’m using the EMU ASIO. (I’ve tried the others with no success)

When it works, it’s set up the exact same way. Did some work yesterday with no issues… but today, nothing. Reboots, you name it. Can’t figure it out at all.