Cubase 5 with Tascam DM-4800

Anyone out there using Cubase 5.5 with the Tascam DM-4800. I am having trouble getting the DM to communicate with Cubase via Machine Control or MTC. I am using a Mac Pro (OS 10.6) with a Midiman 2x2 Midi Interface and the DM4800 is equipped with the IF-FW Card that has Firewire and Midi I/O.

I have full audio I/O but no machine control of any kind. Followed Tascam manual steps to no avail.

On DM’s Machine Control list, I have MC Steinberg and MTC Generate listed and the MIDI data bars in Cubase and the Midiman Interface say that they are talking. Both DM & Cubase are set to ID 1 for Machine Control and DM is in the REMOTE layer.

Am I missing something?


Okay, I got the Transport Control working properly. I am still working on the REMOTE layer controlling volumes in Cubase???
Any assistance greatly appreciated! (:slight_smile:

Have you got this up and working, Revsax1967? I am having the DM 4800, and have the same problem no…Also, I am having problems with getting output and input signals in Cubase during recording…When I am playing bacl prerecorded files, the meter is working, and there are signals…So, I don’t know if this also is a TASCAM issue…

Hi there,
i´m working with the DM-4800 and Cubase, too. Everything works fine. The only think to do, is looking for the Cubase manual at tascam homepage. There´s a step to step manual, how to set up Cubase and the mixer. For any specified questions email me at

You have to plug the usb to the computer, that´s the way for Midi In and Out for the Tascam!

Shortly the needed steps:

DM-4800: “Remote”; ExtCtrl; Add “MC for Steinberg”
“Remote”; “Machine Control”; Add “MC for Steinberg”
mark “TRA” for using Machine Controls
Cubase: Add 3 times “Mackie Control”
First with Midi In/out Port 7
Second with Midi in/out Port 6
Third with Midi in/out Port 5

This order is important, that the Faders work in the right order.

Hope this helps…

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