Cubase 5 with windows 10(compatibility)

Hi every one ! :slight_smile: i am new to that forum :slight_smile: I have a second computer, with windows 8.1 in it, and cubase 5(full version). If a do, an windows upgrade, to windows 10, cubase will still works on it ? Or i will have compatibility problem ??

Thanks :smiley:

Some people report no problems. Steinberg says wait while they sort out some issues. See the official communication here…

Working perfectly here. Had to update the E Licenser and some drivers but Cubase 5 is working just fine on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

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Hello, I am trying to run Cubase 5 on windows 10, but my Elicenser is not working, how do I have update the licenser to Windows 10?