Cubase 5 x64 where set 64bit VST Directory???

Hello, I’m using Cubase x64 on Windows 7 Pro x64.

I’m trying to find where I can set the directory where
I have my 64bit VST’s, but I can’t find anything.
I tried it by going to Devices|Plugin Information|VST 2.x Plugin Paths
but apparently Cubase doesn’t find VST3’s this way, only VST2’s.

Now that doesn 't really come as a surprise, seeing it 's “VST 2.x Plugin Paths”,
not VST3.

But for the love of God, can someone tell me where I can change the VST3 Plugin Path
so that Cubase actually sees my 64bit plugins??

The reason I don 't want to use the default VST3 path is because I want all my plugins
on a separate HDD.

Please help me?

I’m not 100% positive but I believe you HAVE to put them in the VST 3 plugin folder.
I remember reading some forums asking Steinberg to develop a better way for users to manage their plugins.
The argument was that they wanted to be able to put them where they choose and organize them in Cubase the way they want.
EDIT: Maybe I saw it in the C6 forum.

so that makes Cubase x64 pretty much useless for VST3, since many people use a separate HDD
for their plugins and libraries… right?

Guess I’ll just use the 32bit version of Predator so I can place it on a separate HDD…

I think it’s really sad though that they didn’t think this through at all

Thanks anyway for your reply!

No need to put the plug itself on a seperate drive, no difference in performance. You can still put content on another HDD.

actually, performance did improve for me since I started keeping my
plugins and libraries on a separate HDD.

2 HDD’s means more reading capabilities simultaniously for the CPU,
opposed to just using 1 HDD.