cubase 5

I received Cubase 5 when I purchased a Tascam US 144 Midi some years ago. I recently took my PC to be repaired and the tech accidentally form mated my drive without saving my software. I was not happy. I have the disc but cannot find the activation code anywhere. What can I do?

Cubase 5 version would have it’s license stored on a USB eLicenser. If that is the Cubase version you actually have then it would be as simple as reinstalling your software from the disk and run it with the USB eLicenser connected.

If you actually have a different version of Cubase (like Cubase LE5) that stores it’s license on the computer via a soft-eLicenser then you would install it and follow the instructions for reactivation (hopefully your Cubase was registered in your MySteinberg account).

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