Cubase 6.0.2 VST Volume Problem

I am having a very strange problem with Cubase 6.0.2 64-bit in Windows 7 64-bit. I am not sure if this has started with 6.0.2, but I have the problem now.

The problem is that after I save a VST setting for volume, the volume returns to the default setting the next time I load the project.

I first noticed it on Monologue which was too loud on each project reload. Then I noticed the Mix faders for HALion Sonic were always back at the default level and I had to adjust them to where I want them each time too. Then I noticed the Master Volume of The Grand 3 always went back to the default. Then I noticed the same thing for RealGuitar2, a third party VST. Finally I notices that JamStix3, another third party instrument, retains Mix fader settings, but returns the Master Volume back to the default. It appears to happen for everything so far.

I then tried saving presets with my own name, and the same thing happened, although volumes return to where I set them if I specifically reselect the preset I created.

I did not notice this before, but I only started working on the mix.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Hm, maybe I am having the same type of thing. I cannot save any presets in Reverence - volumes, types of reverbs, etc. I am running WinXPSP3 on a Core2Quad Q9550 with 4G of ram. It’s maddening but others here don’t seem to notice it or just don’t respond to this type of post. :confused: I’ll watch this post now.

I just checked a couple of my effects, and they are retaining settings, at least the ones I checked. Per Mr. Roos’s post, I have REVerence in an FX bus, and it retained the volume I set, but I am not using a preset I named myself, and my setup is much different.

Same behavior in new blank project?

The project I am using was one first started in Cubase 6.0.0 32 bit. As I try to rebuild the project fresh (copy and paste my MIDI files and re-setup the VST instruments) I am not yet getting the same problem. I remember telling Cubase 6.0.2 that it could convert the file (I am not sure if that was the exact terminology) and perhaps corruption occurred at this point.

I have not finished rebuilding the project. I have not done the more complicated VST instrument setups or inserted any of the effects. This will take time, as I am sure most of you can understand.

But I will report back.

I am well along in the rebuild, and so far the volume settings are being remembered. I have not inserted the effects because I was only at the experimental stage before, and needed to finalize them anyway.

I should also modify my description of the volumes returning to a default setting. During the rebuild I realized they were going to a different setting, but not necessarily the default setting; perhaps a previous setting.

I am new at this. In fact I am finishing my first project.

This is a place I would not have reached if I still was using my Pentium single core XP machine. The CPU could not handle it, cried out often and sometimes even came to a complete halt. The only way I could do anything was by committing parts to audio or freezing them, and deactivating plugins before working on another. Of course I kept needing to change parts that used then deactivated plugins.

My new machine has a Sandy Bridge i7 Quad-Core Processor, 16GB memory and a solid state system drive. When I run the same projects, this time with all the instruments going and nothing frozen or committed to audio, it hardly registers on the CPU; though I did once see it hit 21%.

If the floor falls from under me again, I will report back. But I suspect the culprit is in the conversion process when I upgraded to 6.0.2.

I want to thank mashedmitten in particular for the suggestion.