Cubase 6.0.5 Crash and random dropouts of samples on MBPRO

Hi there,
So Cubase 6 has been working just fine, for the last month, on my 2011 MBPro (Lion),
until last night. Samples starting dropping out, and stuttering a little during playback.

I played around with buffer sizes, but it didn’t really help.
The only thing that got rid of the stuttering altogether was freezing all my VST instruments.

While this may seem commonsense, I have a computer that is more than able to handle everything.
My MBPro is a 2011 i7 2.4Ghz, OS X Lion, 16GB of RAM (I had 5Gb of RAM free while running my session),
and I use VE Pro 5 (1 Thread Per Instance), and Reason Rewire (32bit). Im not sure if its a VE PRO issue, or a Cubase issue,
but in addition to samples dropping out, Cubase has started to crash on exit.

Im not sure if they are related issues, but since they both started happening at the same time, and they’ve never happened before, they must be related. I don’t know what changed. It happens in both 64bit and 32bit.

So, just to check, I opened a previous project that worked just fine (that I finished a week ago), and it has begun to stutter through that project as well. =(

Any assistance would be appreciated!!
I’ve attached the crashlog too.

Jon :slight_smile:
Cubase Crash2.txt (52.4 KB)

browse though this thread i started last week. it may possibly have some insight (worth a shot):

Thank you.
I read through your whole post, and while I’m sorry for the issues that you’ve faced, i think mine are slightly different.
I did gather from your posts that maybe reinstalling an older version of Cubase might help… I don’t know. I’m not even sure what I changed, or if I changed anything.

Im gonna try loading up my stuff again now and we’ll see how it goes…

I’ve figured out what was wrong.

It was my Focusrite Saffire Pro 24.
When i plugged my headphones right into my laptop, nothing dropped out.
So I reinstalled my drivers and restarted it, and it worked… and nothing crashed.
How can i delete this post?

Thanks MMorman for replying!