Cubase 6.0.5 reported as unsafe

Downloaded the update to my flash drive and I got this message

Cubase_6.0.5_Update was recorded as unsafe!

I got this message from my Windows 7 security scan after the download.

Norton 360 reported it as safe?

Anybody else get this message? This is the 1st update download that I recieved this warning from.

I tried Chris’ link to the update and also hand typed in and went to support → Downloads.

Both attempts achived the same result.

Needless to say I’m hesitant to transfer this update to my off-line workstation.

No problems here, at all. Totally safe and in fact made my system more stable.


Was it just the IE download manager?

Hi JM,

Yeah it was. Norton 360 reported it as safe. I normally wouldn’t worry about it but like I stated, this was the 1st warning I ever got from a Steinberg update. I’m thinking Steinberg forgot to digitally sign it?

IE has a system of “known” programs. If it doesn’t know the program it warns you. Steinberg could digitally sign their code to stop that. Or, they could go through MS approval process. Or, you can turn off the IE checker, just like you can for spam filter, pop-up blocker etc…

EDIT: By the way, I’m not saying Steinberg is being remiss. The IE system can be helpful in some scenarios, but it is dang near useless in the wild. Unless I was doing something specifically targeting a .NET and/or Azure business audience, I don’t think I would bother either.

Aloha guys,

Download and installation went well here.
No probs. (on the mac side)


It’s a “feature” of IE that he is running into. If he had downloaded with Firefox, Chrome, Opera or any number of other browsers, he wouldn’t have had the report.

Well I tried to in stall the update and got a crc mismatch error message. I’m guessing this is a corrupt download?