cubase 6.0.7 :: toggle inserts bypass

[this is on cubase 6.0.7 x86 running on PC w7 x64]

add let’s say – for the sake of the example – an audio track, a group track, and an instrument track. no need to add any actual plugins.

now select all of those tracks and execute the project logical editor macro ‘toggle inserts bypass for audio’. toggle it back & forth a couple of times to see that it behaves correctly for the group and audio tracks (ie. it bypasses the inserts section). however, for the instrument track, it will instead bypass the ‘midi inserts’ section.

by the way-- executing the ‘toggle inserts bypass for MIDI’ macro will work correctly. that is, it will not do anything for the group or audio channels, and will once again bypass the ‘midi inserts’ section in the instrument track.

in other words, there is no way of bypassing the (vst) inserts section on the audio track.

i wrote a custom PLE macro to toggle inserts bypass and got the same result again, ie. not been able to toggle the (vst inserts) bypass on an instrument track.