Cubase 6.0.7 (WinOs7 64b) having newly developed seizures.

Hello Steinberg land, I’m having an issue perhaps someone has had it before or knows what the fix is.

I have exhausted a lot of troubleshooting prior to coming here.

My system is a quad core xeon 64-bit Windows 7 with 16 gigs and an RME multiface II MOTU USB midi io
Axiom 2nd gen.

I would like to start by saying that my computer system has been working great for a couple of years I build high-end systems and have never had a problem I have I have never seen before.

I have reinstalled Cubase 6 and we tested 7. I reinstalled the Elicenser app and preformed key maintenance on my licenses. I have reinstalled all drivers including my video driver as well as SP1. I have reinstalled all of the rewire.dll.

I have taken out all of the VST plug-ins.

Nothing seems to resolve this issue.

This issue only happens in Cubase either version. All other audio applications on the same computer work fine.

What is going wrong: while in play mode, Cubase randomly hangs for about five seconds, at this time the audio might studder just a little bit or drop out totally. The CPU meters will spike, all four of them at the same time then after about five seconds a slight pop and everything starts playing fine again until the next random seizure.

I have two extrrnal synthesizers tracks, and maybe a plug-in drum track. No effects.

Again this only happens to Cubase which is been reinstalled several times.

I would be happy for some positive assistance. Thank you in advance.

Hm, the closest thing I’ve seen to this behavior is when Cubase is auto-saving the project. If it’s a big project, then periodically Cubase will “hang” for several seconds while it saves the project file to a backup file. For smaller projects the hang is very brief, ~1 second or less. However Cubase is usually polite enough to wait until you’ve stopped recording or stopped playback. If the time to save a backup comes while playing or recording, then immediately after I stop playing or recording, the saving process begins.

Perhaps you had the auto-save feature turned off originally, then you reinstalled Cubase, and by default it was enabled for you.

i recently experienced the same stuttering/freezing problem in cubase 6.0.7_64, and thinking very hard at the time, i realized that i had just updated my graphic video driver _ nvidia quadro 4000 - driver 340.81. after reverting to driver 334.95, the problem was gone. i tried also more recents drivers, like 341.21: same problem!

this is my experience with that issue, win7pro_64 sp1.

••• problem solved •••

Okay I had to pull everything out of the computer one card at a time one driver at a time to find it’s breakpoint.

And my situation the latest Nvidia driver for the Quadro card 4xx.x is a broken driver it was the culprit causing the seizures. In fact I went back and tested every one of the four hundred series drivers from Nvidia were broken I had to go back to the 300 series from about nine months ago. (From this time of posting.)

I now have my CuBase up and running and treated myself version 8 Pro.

My situation was that I had removed all the drivers however not thorough enough I had to get a special tool to pull out all the Nvidia driver installed. This is something that I omitted to do on the first pass.

Then I made the mistake of installing the latest Nvidia driver back in the system again.

I will say this if your issues anything like what I have dealt with then get a tool that completely removes the video driver no matter what manufacturer or card you have. Also if you have built-in video on your motherboard use that in its lowest resolution form and then monitor Cubase running once you have determine that you have a different outcome with this configuration get another video driver for your main output card, start going backwards and getting older video drivers until you find one that works if it doesn’t work, pull it out with the tool and then go one driver older.

I have now graduated to the level of rocket scientist, true story.