Cubase 6.0.7

Does 6.0.7 update offer any general stability improvements, or just fixes to what is listed in the topic?

I am mid project and Cubase has been crashing at least 5 times a day; it is quite annoying, and might update if there are some general stability improvements with 6.0.7; but if there is nothing (the things in the list don’t affect me) other than what is listed, I’m not going to

Cheers for the help.

All improvements are in it list. So, there is no general stability improvements in the 6.0.7 version. In any case, I would recommend to update it.

I’m afraid, this is not Cubase problem. Try to update your sound card river. Try to optimize your system.

I am not sure I would come to the above conclusion, knowing so little about my issue. It could be something to do with Cubase or a 3rd party plug (only using voxengo and altiverb, the rest are Cubase plugs). It is not game breaking just a annoyance; system crashes ~5 times a session, or just freezing and one needs to force quite.

Also, system is optimized; but cheers for the suggestion mate.

So, can you write more information, please?

When does it crash? Did you try to run Activity Monitor, and try to find any causal?

How did you optimize your computer? Did you try this one?

Did you try trash preferences of Cubase?

Are you using Mac OS X in native english, or in different language? Are you using Cubase in native english?

What sound card do you use? Do you have last version of driver?

Do you have last version of Mac OS X? I can see, you have 10.6.7 on your Mac Pro. Does Cubase crashes on your MacBook Pro too?

Do you have the last one 6.0.7 update? (No, you don’t…).

Thanks for the reply, but I wasn’t posting to debug my crash(s), was just curious if the update had general stability improvements, which you kindly answered for me; thank you.