Cubase 6.0.8 update?

When can the new 6.0.x update be awaited?

You can await it anytime you want.

lol, I find that funnier than I should :laughing:
Anyway: noone knows and those who do know will not tell you.

Thanks, guys. No news is excelent news. Cubase is super product and we do not need updates.

yes, Cubase 6.07 is very stable, no problems here, I need no update.

No Cubase, no issues. It works. You are right, finally, no further updates required.

pure sarcasm, right? :mrgreen:

Sarcasm but it’s slowly changing into reality. AFAIK this forum was/is the only way to give some feedback to Steinberg. Unfortunately often with no or poor effect in software. For many years, instead of fixing issues or implementing ideas that can help with workflow, their bussiness and developer team prefer rather to spend time with improving stupidities like Syncrosoft iLock or with creating new amount of baseless features. As I see from this forum, some users have no problems probably, but others have. I have no luck, I belong to the second group. I must deal with these issues, again and again. Cubase time is gone? I do not like it is gone, but it is almost there. This is also the meaning of countdown currently on Steinberg website? :slight_smile:. Bye.

I wouldn’t think there ever will be an update for V6.0.7, I am sure all updates will either be to 6.5 or the next will be V7.
I never bothered with 6.5, these VSTi’s are of no interest to me - they are only added to market the product to new customers. If Steinberg must do softsynths, then they should keep them as a separate plug in purchase.

When V7 comes, I will be forced into buying these plug in’s that I don’t want, still - Cubase’s neglected score editor looks like it has a very exciting future (ex Sibelius team onboard).