Cubase 6.02 Only Outputting Mono?

I was moving my monitors around and somehow managed to unplug the firewire cable from my computer halfway and didn’t notice until I started up Cubase again and everything sounded strange then cut off. I shut everything down, plugged in the cable and restarted everything, now Cubase only plays in Mono. I can start other stand alone programs, like IK Sample Tank and it plays in Stereo, but I can’t get it back in Cubase. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I just noticed that the Main stereo out will allow me to pan left and right, but the individual tracks are stuck outputting mono for some reason.

I figured it out! Shewhew!:
Right before I adjusted my monitor speakers an pulled out my firewire cable, I had been mastering a song. So my main output was full of mastering plug ings that for some reason seems to have gone haywire when the firewire cable popped out. I suspect the stereo spreader was to blame. I removed all of those and now it’s back to playing normally.