Cubase 6.02 - Problems with Timewarp


So, I noticed for the first time yesterday, that when I tried to timewarp the grid so I could get a phrase of MIDI to move shorter, the timewarping process moves ONLY the grid, and not the MIDI and audio events that I have recorded. These tracks are set to Musical time-base, and if I warp the grid forward or back (at the end of the phrase, for example, to hit a sync point in the picture), the events stay at time-position and don’t warp. However, when I manually adjust the tempo marker at the beginning of the phrase, everything stays at correct bar-position.

So, to reproduce:

  1. Open Cubase 6.02, create a new project.
  2. Activate the tempo track.
  3. Play or input a MIDI passage (or insert an audio file), placing it at Bar 1, with a duration of 4 bars.
  4. In the Tempo Track, set a tempo point at Bar 1.
  5. Use the Timewarp tool to warp the grid (clicking on the grid at the END of the passage and dragging forward/back).
  6. Notice that the audio doesn’t visually change, despite the change in time, and the MIDI events themselves do not adhere to their bar position.
  7. Undo the Timewarp.
  8. Instead move the tempo point at Bar 1 manually … and it works as expected.

This is for the 32-bit version of Cubase 6.02. I have not tested the 64-bit version.



Warping the grid should have allowed you to make a Groove Template that could be applied to other parts via Quantize, if I understand what you’re saying. Also, there are different flavors of the Select Tool that may apply, but as I said, I’m not sure I’m catching your drift.

The behaviour is perfectly correct…you can use it to tempo map a free recording to make editing or adding material easier.

If you click & hold the time warp icon you’ll see the option for Warp Grid (musical events follow)…I guess this is what you need??

Ah, shoot. Thanks. It seems I neglected to notice it wasn’t set to “Warp Grid Musical”. I guess this is not an issue after all.

I’m usually so thorough before I post. :blush: