Cubase 6.02 update problem...

I’d appreciate any insights on applying the 6.02 update. I’m running Windows 7. When I run the update file, a little progress bar dialog appears which says “loading”, after which it disappears and then nothing else happens. Each time I start Cubase 6, it’s still showing the version number as 6.0.0.

I’m also having a problem (that I hoped the update would fix) where the first time I launch Cubase 6, it crashes. The 2nd time I start it, it loads completely.

I’d appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!

Mike Oliver
Intel Duo Core E8400 3GHz
Windows 7 / 32 bit OS
Frontier Design Dakota audio interface

I’ve found an answer to the application of the 6.02 update problem at[o_system]=2.