Cubase 6.05 and UAD-1. BSOD - Process has Locked Pages

There is a similar post for this:

The resolution in that post doesn’t fix it for me (ie. deleting application data)

I have narrowed this down to my UAD-1. Since my upgrade to 6.05, I have had issues on shutdown, and sometimes on project load with a blue screen of death on my PC - “Process has Locked Pages”.

I have been successfully using this configuration for a long time, even with 6.0. I am now stuck unless I disable my UAD-1. I logged a support call with UA, but they have indicated the UAD-1 drivers are no longer updated and not tested with the latest DAW versions.

Any other suggestions?



Try moving the UAD to a physically different PCI slot!

I only have 1 PCI slot :frowning:

Been through this too sorry to say. Two Uad-1 cards and one Uad-2 solo in my windows 7 64 bit system. You may need to upgrade to Uad-2 to solve your problems. In my case I assigned some of the plugins to my Uad-2 that seemed to be the cause of the error you describe to work around it. By the way, save your preferences because this error caused mine to be hosed…audio i/o settings etc. Uad-1 and Cubase6/Windows 7 don’t always play nice. My 2 cents. Good luck!

Win 7 32bit or 64bit? What version UAD software?

I’m running C6.05 on Win 7 64bit with a UAD-1 and UAD-2 Quad (6.1 software) with no problems at all.
You may try to uninstall the UAD software, reboot and reinstall. That should make C6 rescan the plugins and maybe fix the problem.

It’s UAD V6.1. I have 64 bit Windows 7, but running 32 bit Cubase 6.05

I have tried the uninstall, reinstall with no success. I was going to try pulling the card and re-installing next.

It’s curious - I’ve found some projects that work fine with the UAD-1 and 6.05. I can add plugs from the UAD-1 no problem. With a couple of projects, however, it causes the problem described. If I remove all UAD-1 plugs, I can load the project fine, but as soon as I add a UAD-1 plug in to an insert - instant Blue Screen of Death.

It would be nice to somehow “cleanse” my Cubase project file. I tried the other posted solution of deleting the Cubase application data, but no luck.

I guess the problematic projects were started in an earlier version of Cubase? (You should see it in the top left corner as part of the project name.)
Try removing all UAD-1 plugins from the project and save it with a different name. Close and reload the “new” project and load an UAD-1 plugin again and see what happens.

Thanks Shortstop - I liked your suggestion. Alas, it did not work. The project was created in an earlier Cubase version, but even after saving under a new name with no UAD-1 content and then re-opening and re-inserting a UAD-1 plug, I get a BSOD. There must be some other attribute or influencing factor in Cubase somewhere…

@ ThomasS:
Did you solve this problem, i have some BSOD issues too, but not sure whats causing them…

(C 6.05)

No I haven’t - if you have any luck, please let me know. For me, it seems to now be tied to specified Cubase projects. It is fine on some, but others immediately give me a BSOD, so I need to disable the UAD1 before opening those projects.

I may eventually try to export my files and try and start a new Cubase project file. A lot of work for me at this point though.