Cubase 6.5.3 Crashing A lot

Hi Updated to cubase 6.5.3 about 3 weeks ago and it is crashing a lot when trying to open certain projects… It won’t even open early backup of these projects… I always had the crash problem when closing cubase which i have read about on here but never anything like this before… It even happens on new projects i am working on… They other day i was working away fine when cubase just crashed tried to open up all backups of this project but it just kept crashing … had to start again… Ok here is my system setup.

Mac 10.6.8

Processor 2x3ghz quad core intel
memory 16gb
Cubase installed on 256g ssd with 525mb write time

Ok Done some testing on this situation … And all is well in 32bit mode all arrangements open in 32bit mode and cubase does not crash in 32bit mode when closing now … It’s all pointing to something in the 64bit operation mode of cubase… Any one care to comment?


Ok Have dug a little deeper on this situation and these are my findings… There are two separate issues here…

1st Cubase crashes on closing in 64 bit mode sometimes… My finding is that if you open an arrangement and don’t actually do anything to it .i.e just let it sit there and don’t press play cubase will close fine if you play it change it anyway and safe it cubase always seems to crash… Now i did this on a project with no vsts or plugins loaded and they result was the same… So not sure why but maybe steinberg will look into it for us…

2nd Issue certain projects not opening in 64bit mode but fine in 32bit mode … Well i seemed to have found the Answer to this one and it goes by the name of Nexus … Now I have the latest ver of nexus so not sure when this started happening but if unload all instances of nexus in 32bit mode and save that arrangement it loads without any problems into the 64bit ver… So i have to conclude that this is the problem as all other vsts and plugin do not seem to be causing a problem.

Please feel free to comment on what i have said