Hello I have Cubase from 6 then 6.5 now 6.5.3
Interface MR816 CSX
Mac Mini server with Snow leopard server.
I reinstaled all two times from cero. I deleted all and installed only Cubase and Autotune and unfortunatley in a erratic way when I use cutting small part of a region wav for example a voice opening a windows in graph mode after I close making a new archive or continuing cubase close alone crashing the project. When I put autotune like an insert dont happened nothing, it works very fine but sometimes is useful to make a small correction and not track the whole song only for a small part. Someone have an idea or happened the same? The support of antares wrote me many mails and the last things was delete all and start again… so I did and don´t work. Thanks in advance.

I found the solution…
With Autotune 7 don´t happend.
So Cubase 6
6.53 don´t work fery well with EVO
and works very well with Atotune 7
in a Mac Mini Server with Snow Leopard.

I have not the exactly report but after several weeks I could find the solution!!!
Please don´t use EVO with this configuration.
Don´t work.

Best regards. :smiley: