Cubase 6.5.4 64 bit PROBLEMSSSSS

Need help here

3rd time im installing cubase, due to the jbridge problem. Im now unistalling different Vst and see …but the system its not working any good with C6.5.4…

I use a Vaio, i thougth that could be a problem with power, but a friend of mine uses a strong and porwerfull system and is having the same problem.

HELP. are there any supporters there??? so anyone knows how to get to them??? thanks

Maybe add some multiple choice answers to pick from.

You can install and use Cubase 5 with your Cubase 6.5 license until solving the problems.

im not supposed to be solving problems, im suppose to be producing my next album.

And, if so, why would i be using 5 version if i bought the 64 bit version for the reason of passing to 64 nbits!

Did you sent an email to official support?

My suggestion was just a temporary solution.

And how do you expect people to help you?
Should we guess your problem, your system specifications and involved hard- or software and what you’ve done already to solve it?

Im thankfull with you for answering me.

Im gonna ask the Cubase resp to give me a 5 version, or my money back …

steinberg asks for minimun requirement, but i think they should ask for maximun requieremet.

i can figure that my i7 with .7200rpm. 6RAM is not enough for the system to work fine.

Ive installed 4 times and cant get things go better.

Very upset.

Thanks again for answering/

Visit your “My steinberg” area to contact official support.

Need centralheadoffice support. Not a Yamaha resps, i need to speak to steinberg.
For Argentina theres only this yamaha office.


For your country, support is available through the following Steinberg distributor:

Olga Cossettini 1553 - 4°
Buenos Aires

Phone: (54-11) 4119-7000
Fax: (54-11) 4119-7010
Company website:

I’m from Brazil, and it is the same here, but Yamaha Brasil have a good support ( I have used it). You should try.

Ok Thanks for that info …

What was your problem, and the solution?

My problem was about registering, and the local guy from Yamaha helped me. Maybe you could contact Yamaha from Argentina, and see what happens.

No, stating the minimum required system to run Cubase makes perfect sense.

Your i7 should be able to run Cubase 6. I’ve ran 6 on lower specs without any trouble.
What kind of sounddevice do you use?
Do you use the appropriate ASIO driver for your sound device?

You never mentioned what is wrong in the first place.
So “cant get things go better” is highly subjective. Better then what?

im able to run cubase in 64 bit mode, but in a very poor condition…
Seems now that i have some incompatibility issues with some vst instruments.

when i play a midi vst, i sometimes get a freezed with audio crash for a punch of seconds.

Im running cubase in 256 colours, as i can see the video demand is very high, dont know if this can help.

Im testing cubase with a new project, without having any process going on, only my vst instruments/ and cpu is very high for the task im running in cubase.

My next question is wich a=Vst are incompatible with our dear Cubase 6.5.4?


Did you check if any driver stalls the deferred procedure calls with DPC latency checker?
Because the temporary freezes could be caused by this.

256 colors isn’t normal.
Did you installed the correct video driver for your video card?
And did you install the correct drivers for your chipset.

And what ASIO driver are you using in Cubase (Devices -> VST Audio System)?

Not all 32 bit plugs are running well in Cubase 64 bit, but I understand you bridged them with jBridge. Most of them should work by then. Or you could try adjusting jBridge’s settings per plug-in if a single plug in gives you trouble.

But first things first, your system needs to be healthy and set up correctly.

Serious install problems. Album to produce.
You should use your old Cubase v 5 until you have got used to the new version before you finish all present work.

As to your problems. Have you no friends in the music business in your town or country? Because a software forum is not the place to fix your studio. Like you wouldn’t fix your car by email.
You need hands on. As well as Steinberg support.

BTW your system looks like it should be ok easily.

Ive runned cc cleaner, spybot, and ereased the prefs of C6 and reinstalled C6 with the last update.

I ve turned off every process i dindt really need., and almost everything i could, im now with 39 processes. (if im not wrong, cubase opens 4 video process, lots of ram going there…)

gonna try the dpc latency checker, but i already used task mannager everytime i open cubase, as a way to know whats going on in my system.

256 colours is an option in the run app. Right click on mouse, Prop/compatibility/run in 256 colours (and as administrator too!)

I use the Saffire Le firewire driver, that gives me a 5ms output latency (i use my vst instruments for live shows)

Ive unistalled jbridge, and reuse the brige inside cubase. but ive unistalled some pplug ins too, for the problem it cause using those. (i can try using the ones with trouble with the jbrige, perhaps that could work)

Ive got some friends for sure, but no friends with cubase 6.5.4 64 bits./ Only one that purchased the product with me, and is experiencing the same trouble. Video problems seems to be for boths) thats why im asking for help here, and spent like 60 hours in front of my loved vaio computer! :slight_smile:

I will call Yamaha this monday., and see what they say… For me

Why are you using the J-Bridge? I run Waves and UAD plugins and use tons of hardware inserts and seldom have problems.

Read the Getting started part of the manual again. I sometimes find I have had to when some versions didn’t play ball with whatever the OS updates had been doing and I sometimes found I’d misread something or omitted a move.
Thje FAQs on the Steinberg support will sometimes give additional advice on certain problems too.

Hi there,

  1. Spybot, do not use this tool if you use a DAW, Spybot could change/block elemental registry settings, that are needed. Never use an automatic registry cleaner.
  2. 256 Mode could break your system down, especially if you have a modern Graphic card.
  3. With a Saffire LE you will have issues with 5ms latency, if you set it higher, still got problems?
  4. Do not kill any process in your Taskmanager, some are in need for a proper system usage.

My recommendation is a fresh install of Windows 7, do not use the Jbridge because it will need more CPU power. If you want to use Cubase for a live setup, just use the 32-Bit version.
Then use the DPC latency checker tool in order to sort out the issue.