Cubase 6.5.5 tells me I need to activate it, but both my eLicensers are up to date

I downloaded Cubase 6.5.5 sone time ago and use it once in a while, but on starting it, I get a popup that it needs to be activated. I have Cubase 6 that I activated in 2012, also own WaveLab 7.0, and I have two eLicenser USB dongles that I have updated via the Maintenance function. As far as I know, this is everything I can do, but I still have a message saying that one of my products has 23 hours remaining, is there a code I need to get somewhere and enter it to remove this flag and allow unlimited use of the product?

Thanks for any help with this.

Cubase 6.5 was a paid update (as are all the x.5 updates). Do you only have a Cubase 6 license?

I was told that my eLicenser is good through version 6.5.5, so I downloaded it. Nobody said I had to buy it. It does run, but I’d like to lose the “activation required” flag.

The question is what license do you have?

I checked my eLicenser and it’s only got a valid license for 6.5 showing in the display when I run that app. Somewhere, I remember that I had a notification from Steinberg saying that I was licensed up to 6.5.5, so I downloaded and installed that. That may be what’s interfering. Maybe I will just have to stay with 6.5. If I do this, I hope the “activation” warning will not appear again. I’ll post again after I check this out to see if it works out.