Cubase 6.5 / 6.06 - What Bugs Are Fixed?

Just found out about the 6.5 update (thanks for letting me know steinberg lol) but can’t find any info on what bugfixes there are. Scoured the website, scoured the PDF, scoured the 10 page thread about it’s release, and scoured this forum, and found nothing.

Surely there must be a list somewhere?!?

Also, has there been any official statement on the 6.06 update? All I could see what speculation and comments from site members, not steinberg staff.

‘Cubase 6 and all derivatives: 6.0.6 update pre-announcement’ at the top of the page?


I was notified by Steinberg/facebook and via email the day before so I was ready! :sunglasses:

There is a “Version History, Issues and Solutions” document on 6.5, but I only found it as part of 6.5 itself…

Where is it?

I think I found it through the Help > Documentation menu item (not at studio PC now)…