Cubase 6.5 64 bit crashing on close EVERY TIME

ok. usual nonsense of cubase having to rescan clocks because steinberg don’t seem to know about british summertime. i allowed time for that today. but now cubase is crashing on close every time. have tried renaming vst plugins folders, disabling plugins, using quit command instead of the x. etc. none of the above working. might try installing the latest cubase to see if it cures it. i’m on 6.5.2. anybody else seeing this today?
please don’t answer if your answer will be to switch off automatic clock update on my pc. all my other software handles this stuff. so should cubase!

6.5.4; no difference. crash on exit every time.

Hi there, I’m running 6.07 Win 7 64 bit and that crashes on quit every time too and has done every since the 6.0+ updates. Projects are saving fine though.

thanks for reply. i used to have that happen once in a while but recently it had been fine. going to try a system restore. ed

ok, a topic above mine suggests novation automap may be the problem.worked fine till clock change recan this morning but will follow the steps to see if i can fix

Erm? Cubase doesn’t recognise BST? Hm. Strange. Where does one set this Cubase clock?
You don’t clock Cubase externally from another unit by any chance? Or Import or Export to Broadcast WAvs where any filesaving timestamps might corrupt the system somehow?
Do you have any Crash logs that might give you more of a clue as to the cause?

I get this maybe once or twice a year and can’t pin it down to anything specific. Scraps of info from other sources suggest this usually settles down after a week or so after a time-change.

hi conman. the cubase rescan comes twice a year; spring and winter, when the clocks change. used to take my old machine over an hour plus crashed 2 or 3 during it. my latest pc does it in about 10 minutes with maybe one crash. still annoying. none of my other music software does it. nothing to do with external clocking. it’s something steinberg can’t seem to fix or want to ignore. every yeasr i come on and moan about it (as do others if you search). the usual response from unhelpful forum members is “switch off system clock updates”. not the right answer!
p.s. i just went through the whole routine listed above for removing/reainstalling automap. it didn’t work. but, i allow that i may have miseed one out of the 1260 plugins it found! (sounds a lot, but i have 32 bit, 64 bit and jbridge versions). ok will try again! ed

ok. wnet through whole process of removing automap. also culled any plugin that outlived it’s usefullness. only the essentials remain. finally got it working without crashing on exit. but some of the built in cubase plugins are now not showing up in automap! all of these plugins worked fine before the clocks changed. this is annoying. ok, back to get back to where i was (in the summertime!)