Cubase 6.5 and new Maverick operating system for Mac

Are there issues with my version Cubase 6.5 and the new mac operating system Maverick ?
I always like to ask before I upgrade ……
More of headache than its worth sometime when not compatible

any help appreciated

Aloha S.

I always like to ask before I upgrade ……

Good move!

I have C5.5/C6.5/ and C7.5 all living and working fine on
the same machine using Mavericks.

I occasionally have to reopen C6.5 from time to time (for clients)
and I like being back in that environment.

It is like a ‘comfortable old shoe’.

Question: Can your 'puter handle Mavericks?
My desktop can but my laptop cannot. (see sig)

Good Luck!

I got a problem with 6.5 and Macericks…