Cubase 6.5 / Artist 6.5 / PadShop Installer solution

zero problem updating from 6.0.5 to 6.5 in Mac OSX 10.6.8

I download the installer from this link:
ftp://downloadreplacement:sorryforinconvenience @ and also from the shop
Always the same error message:
set-up has stopped working "
I uninstalled Cubase 6 and I installed it again, then the 6.05 update and everything went well.
I tried installing the Upd 6.5, again error message “set up has stopped working”.
Unable to install the update cubase6.5
Win7 64 bit

I had a viruschecker prevent a rare file or 2 from completing.
May be worth stopping it for the 1 download.

Ah…! Someone else who has this same issue; though as you’ve seen I’m on Vista32…

I have to get to work now; wont be back til tea-time/early eve. I hope Helge and SB colleagues can find some things to try and resolve the matter for us Michel…


PS :- @Savadious, thanks for your input. Though I don’t think this can be the cause. I’ve reported the actual file size I’ve got when fully downloaded and there is no dispute from SB at this point.

I downloaded the new installer from the ftp and tried to install it again but it still doesn’t work.
What is ‘error code 1603’?? Someone plz tell me how can i fix it…
I’m using win7 64bit

@Puma & @Rocksteady
Are you guys still having problems with the installer?
Have you checked the new download link from Asknet? :slight_smile:


when exactly do you get stuck? Is it already while the installer is decompressing the files or during the actual installation?
If it is already during decompression please download the update again from your shop account. You can also still try the alternative download:

If it is during the installation please try the tool mentioned in this knowledgebase article:


You can test installer with WinRar. It is a package. Thus you can be sure, that it downloaded properly.

I ran the 64 bit installer on Win7/64 and it went moderately smoothly. Something about the elicencers being on another computer, but ignored it and it all proceeded OK. The whole thing took about 10 minutes.

Hooray! I qualify for the grace period… will give this a go when I get home :slight_smile:Thanks!

:smiley: I thank the hotline Steinberg France for their help and especially Fred.
I was able with his help solve the problem.

  1. I uninstalled version 6.05 cubase 64bits
  2. I could then install the Cubase 6.5 64-bits
    Do not look for virtual intruments must install it separately in the folder VST Sound
  3. You need to install virtual instruments found in a folder VST sound.

Thanks for posting Michel…!

I think I am going to try this - uninstalling 6.0.5 first, then attempting the 6.5 install. (I am EXACTLY the same as you, as the installation STOPS WORKING at the end of extraction/unpacking and beginning of Setup.exe I presume.

Anyhow, could you explain again about your point 2 and 3 please Michel…? Do I need to run a Setup again to choose where to install the virtual instruments, or does this happen whilst the (same) setup/install is happening…? I’m left a little confused why you felt you needed to mention it and whether I am missing something (maybe its in the translation…! huh…? :smiley: ).?

I will look for another folder somewhere called VST Sound and in it I will see the virtual instruments - I install them from there, but to where…? Will the install help me…? You see how confused I can get…!! Ha…! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time though - and your english is a whole lot better than my french…!! Bravo…!

Oh dear… well, that didn’t work. :frowning:

I will try the Microsoft ‘FixIt’ tool thing now, as Sebastian suggested.

EDIT:- Like you Michel, the MS tool did not find any ‘faults’ so could not repair anything. So, now I have no C6 and no C6.5 Hmmm…

m getting help from google for the translation.
Which may explain the inconsistencies.
The most important thing is to install Cubase 6.5.
For this, I had to uninstall my previous Cubase V6.05 64 Bit.
Then I could execute the installation of Cubase V6.5. who succeeds.
When Cubase V6.5 is installed it will execute the installation of virtual instruments.
This installation will be from the unzipped folder by the installer.
VST Sound folder.
The 64-bit version refused to install.
Against by the 32-bit install without problem.
Try installing the 32 bit version.
Someone removed his dongle I read that on the forum.
Vista 32-bit compatible?
I hope you go and find a solution.

Thank you - and this is what I am wondering…? As i say, I removed my v6.0.5 and tried the install of v6.5 - it still fails at the same point. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :cry: :cry:

And I have tried with and without the dongle in place (re-booting in between). No luck.

EDIT:- rather than bump this post, I’ll just edit here to say that I am finally up and running with C6.5 - the system wide update I performed via Windows Update (.NET Framework, Vista32 updates patches, graphics, security, etc, etc…) had all been neglected since I bought the machine. I did install SP2 mind a few years back, but that’s been about the extent of my ‘maintenance’… :wink:

So, lesson learned :wink:

hello, new to the forum, i’m italian, sorry in advance to my little english

problem is: no grace period for me. why? i bought full license of cubase 6 on 28 january 2012, from steinberg shop.
(active and work perfectly.) on my elcc nothing new, i made all maintenance operation, and update the software of elcc lycenser… restart … and say:

Currently there is no grace period update available for the eLicenser with the number xxxx(my key number)xxxx

so i wrote with the form, asking to activate me.

in italian indipendent forum, we like and discuss this update, and i’m waiting to try.

note: my last license is activated from 28/1/2012 as upgrade from 6 artist to 6 full , on special offer of steinberg shop. remember?

started with 6 elements, then up to 6 artist and now in january 2012 to full…

thank support me, regards

Francesco, Frankvenice from VENEZIA, ITALY

I have tried several times to install the 6.5 update, as I am eligible through the grace period…it downloads, I go through all the steps, BUT at the final step when I click “Install”, nothing happens…so I believe there still exists a problem with the installer (attempts made up to 7pm EDT Toronto, Can.)…btw, this is on a MAC…could you please supply an updated link for the “uncorrupted download”…thanks, greg

just bought version 6.5 update
tried to install update from cubase 6
it did install everything else but not the cubase update itself which i really wanted.

it says errorcode 1603 cubase update failed
then rollingback action and shows the results panel everything installed but Cubase 6 task failed.

what now?

Hi CB 6 to 6.5 update on Mac OS 10.7 .3 Lion.

All went fine here ( in USA ) … installed fine. Launched fine… authenticated fine.

Playing now … the comping is worth the price!