Cubase 6.5 / Cubase Artist 6.5 update available

I was quite shocked at no arp found in Retrologue as well. This is suppose to be an oldskool synth and oldskool synths surely had arps!

I have to say I find very amusing that people are all bent out of shape about a $50 upgrade. I need the new comping and so far it’s bloody brilliant, I need to get work done and prefer to use V6 over V5, I spent the $50 and moved on. I’ll even go as far to say that if Steinberg felt they needed to do this to boost their inner economy with 6.5 I’m glad we could help each other out, I couldn’t have said that about the old Steinberg.

It’s $50 if you don’t want it don’t buy it. How much money did some of us spend on recorders, mixers, outboard etc through the years? and for some people a DAW and a computer replaces most of it. …$50 is a walk in the park. Holy crap I wish I could have part of what I spent through the years on future boat anchors back in my pocket.

It’s all perspective :wink:

One day i must count all the money i’ve given from 1990 to Steinberg.
Totally worth it but not little.Surely not a walk in the park,more like a long journey to wisdom

I see the usual wingefest is well underway, good to know nothing changes on here.

I think this is a great update at a sensible price thank you Steinerg

Ha, good point. I indeed remember the days when I had to pay 7000,- Euro for my Roland Sampler. Two of the reasons why it was so expensive was the included 40 MB hard drive and the 12 MB RAM :laughing:

I gotta say I do love Cubase, but Steinberg’s support has left me disappointed as well, and funny he mentioned Reaper, since I myself am considering switching to Reaper, too.[/quote]

The same thing here, I’m a bit scared that I won’t even have a choice if this update-stuff will go on like this.

Do not reside in this here dangerous place.
There are men armed to the teeth with upgrades waiting for you to empty your wallet at their bidding.
They will FORCE you to upgrade and then complain to their chortling filthy-rich cohorts called “the mods”. :mrgreen:

And a peculiar one: on the one hand are users who always claim to have “clients” and earn money at this game.
On the other users who seem to not be able to afford the upgrade.
Racing cars and software have running costs. This particular cycle is well worth it lads.
But do have a good luck at the release notes first.


If I now upgrade my cubase artist to cubase 6, does it get the 6.5 update or do I have to pay that 50 € too?

I know that for those ones who bought Cubase 6 licence after Jan. 1st 2012 can download 6.5 for free.

I bought Cubase 6 some mounts ago in the end of 2011 (the update from Cubase 5 that I bought 2 years ago), and it’s totally unfair that I have to pay for the 6.5 update while the new owners of the version #6 can acces it for free !! …WHY !!!

When a customer buys a software version (Cubase 4, 5, 6 or 7), he MUST access ALL updates of the same version !!!

Paying for an update of a same bought version… I’m certainly not the only one that is offended about it.

I hope Steinberg will change their mind about this, to be fair with their loyal and “legit” customers !!!

Thank you. For making me check out the studio one 2 trial. Looking good.


I’ve been afraid to update Mac OSX Cubase 6 from version 6.0.0 to any of the other point versions because of all of the troubles people seem to be having. Is 6.0.5 safe? How about the soon-to-be-released 6.0.6?

Right now, i only have a 5400 rpm internal drive, as one can tell from my signature. There are some ASIO troubles/crashing, but I’m not absolutely sure that the HDD is the only cause. Since I am on Cubase version 6.0.0, perhaps the updates have improved performance on lighter computer systems. Maybe 6.6 is a vast improvement! I ONLY have 96 GB of RAM left because I have no external hard drive. (This was an option, but it’s extremely expensive:

ALSO, does 6.5 use more RAM and CPU than 6.0 does? This is extremely important to me, because my system isn’t the “ideal” music system at this point in time.

Cubase 6.0.5/6.0.6 could be perfectly fine, and 6.5 wouldn’t be necessary. I’m looking forward to responses.

Thank you very much!

They stated it on a post in a thread that I started. Thanks for letting me know :laughing:

Fantastic update … worth every penny … thanks Steiny :slight_smile:

Me too, but I’ve had this problem since 6.0… Really annoying.

Why? Money doesn’t grow on trees and I wasn’t born rich. I work hard for every penny I get. It’s my VERY VALID opinion as well as the opinion of many other PAYING CUSTOMERS that having to pay for an UPDATE because they decided to bundle a couple of soft synths THAT I DON’T NEED is ridiculous. If YOU are okay with paying out the nose for every little FIX then go ahead, but don’t criticize and ridicule others who understand the value of both money and customer loyalty.

You want me to be loyal to you, be loyal to me. Simple. It’s crazy to make someone pay for an update to software that they have owned for less than six months because of an arbitrary date setting. One year of support should be bare minimum. It’s like car buying: there should be a guaranteed warranty/support period.

And for those of “you” who are so quick to just flippantly say “bye” to fellow users; maybe you have the same level of customer support for your clients. This might explain why your posts can be in the hundreds - all of that extra time on your hands.

It’s more expensive to get a new customer than it is to keep and satisfy a current customer. This is basic business and customer support. Every customer that you lose over petty issues is going to discourage 100 more from giving you their business and become counter-missionaries against your business.

And for the guy that started an account JUST so that he could voice and express himself, good for you. This is proof of what I am laying out above. People want to be treated fairly and equitably by companies that they INVEST their time, money and energy with.

Steinberg please consider taking care of your investors and at least go back to the summer with this free UPDATE to 6.5.x if not just updating all v6 customers for free. That would be the prudent thing to do.

Have to say I agree with the previous post.

Some responses such as the “bye” one are simply childish in my opinion, if enough people are annoyed, enough people go, then they make less money hence will have less resources to put into future versions.

I am more than happy with the upgrade for the simple reason I wanted the Padshop anyway, so for me, it was a no brainer.

I posted in another thankyou thread to Steinberg that I was more than happy with my purchase. I did though think at the time that the free upgrade next week would include everything bar the expansions, hence would have the lanes feature that many have complained about over the months, this though is not the case.

I am also worried about what further updates the people who go with the free update route get, this hasn’t been made clear but it looks like this may well be one of the last updates for that version?

So while it’s a very worthwhile update for me, I already own Komplete 8 and while I wanted padshop, I don’t want the Retrologue, it’s a great synth, I’ll probably use it as I have it, but I wouldn’t have paid money for it given the choice if you see what I mean.

Had I not wanted to buy padshop anyway, already owning a load of great synths from NI, if I was forced to pay £42 to update midway through a version and people try to justify it to me (or put down my complaints) telling me what a great deal it is, it’s only a great deal if I want those extras. Having to pay £42 if I didn’t want one of the synths to get the lanes back to how they were in a previous version (if I understand this correctly) is a perfectly justifiable thing to complain about in my honest opinion and had I been one of those people I would be seriously looking at the competition.

The fact is, there is a lot of competition, many people own things like Omnisphere or various NI collections etc and for most of these they don’t really need another synth. Money is tight for many people, expecting people who have given Cubase a LOT of money over the years to pay for things they have no interest in, just to get things fixed that were working in earlier versions (and to get future updates) is not a good way of doing business.

Rather than people saying things like “bye” maybe they need to look hard at the future of Cubase, I love it personally, but I have played with Reaper and that is also very good and had I not used Cubase since pro12 on my Atari, I would go to the competition in a flash.

It seems that for every one person that, like me, likes the synths, hence knows a good bargain when they see one, there is at least another user that has no interest hence is understandably annoyed.

I would rather 1000 people that chose to ditch Cubase, signed up to this forum and told both us and Steinberg why they are leaving, so that it can be addressed, than them quietly going to the competition and more than likely in the process telling loads of other prospective users to give Cubase a miss.

Not sure I have anything positive to say to such people as if I was in their boat, I too would be annoyed.

I would like to know this as well.