Cubase 6.5 download link?


Just having to reinstall v6.5 but I don’t have the original file that I downloaded after the link was sent out, and I can’t find either the email with reference to the link or anywhere on Steinberg’s site that has it either - just the 6.5.1 update.



If you bought the update you’re going to have to contact asknet and request a new download.

If you were a grace period update:


It was a Grace Period download… when I started the licencer it already showed the licence for 6.5 installed, so didn’t spawn the download link - BUT - it did remind me that it must have done that the first time round, so I managed to find it in my internet downloads!

Many thanks…

H :slight_smile:

You can still get the file from the link I posted.
Just input your e-licenser number.