Cubase 6.5 Full seems to hang when USB Midi Device present

Hi. I have a Kawai MP8 Digi-piano which is connected to my PC via a usb active repeater and a usb lead (as the cable run is over 5 metres)

6.5 seems to hang intermittently when the MP8 is attached via USB. Before I troubleshoot I’d like to know if anyone has had a similar experience and knows a likely solution?? As it’s intermittent I guess it could be a different midi issue, it’s so hard to pin down, but certainly seems midi related and certainly seems related to the MP8. Does anyone recognize the symptoms?

My interface is an Edirol UA-25 and the keyboard-outs enter via a mixer into the stereo input on the interface.

This setup is really handy as I can route midi outs to various synths and have it all coming through the audio inputs. But as I only have one midi serial in/out on the interface obviously I need to use USB on some devices. Such a bummer it’s hanging like this!

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks very much indeed and Happy New Year.

oh I’m running Cubase 6.5 32bit on a Windows 7 64 machine with the 64 bit drivers from Edirol.
Many thanks,

Yep, I have that too. My interface is Midisport 8x8, connected to the PC via USB. The unit is always powered, but Cubase only hangs (and not always) if MIDI through this device has actually been used in a project. Sometimes Cubase just takes a long time to close - or maybe always but I’m impatient… :sunglasses: I have no solution, and unfortunately the drivers for this unit are no longer updated (if it would make a difference, ofcourse). It is annoying, but most of my projects are all audio, so it’s no show stopper for me.

K Thanks. I suppose it’s at least reassuring to know someone else has something similar… I suppose.

Maybe someone will pop up who knows just what to do!! I do hope so :slight_smile:

Oh just to follow up on this. I realized the keyboards in question needed drivers to use midi - and I had assumed they were just generic plug and play things. It was sort of obvious really but somehow the answer eluded me for quite a while!