Cubase 6.5 Groove Agent ONE Issues

I’m a relative newbie to Cubase having just started using it. However,I’ve just come across a glltch and not sure if it’s just me or if it’s a known bug?!

I’ve opened up an empty track and inserted an instance of Groove Agent. I then use Ctrl+P to open up the pool. I then import audio clips for my drum samples. I then try and drag them from the pool to a pad on the Groove Agent GUI. However, I get the little arrow with a + attached and as soon as I drop the sample on the pad it freezes and I have to go into System Manager to force end Cubase to get out of it.

Anyone got any ideas what could be the problem? Looked for similar issues but couldn;t find anything. I’m using Cubase 6.5.4 64 bit on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit machine using a Core i5 2500K CPU and 16GB DDR3 RAM.

I found another “bug” per se; I mentioned on another post.

After creating 2 or more pad/sample assignments, I’m always unable to have volume settings (inthe voice section) that are lower than basically full volume. If I try to set it low, once i start to click on the associated pad, the pad volume will mysteriously begin rising until its back to full volume again…?? I dont know whats up with that.
So basically, once I setup a sample/pad and its various parameters, I cant touch it (click on the pad to trigger it) after that without jacking up the pad volume setting.
Sequences linked to the pads dont negatively affect it, only clicking on them with the mouse… I’m not sure if a midi-keyboard would trigger or cause this problem…??

Bunford, did you create a saved patch that opens up the pads to receive samples?

Minorkey, do you see that the pad itself has three volume levels on it? Bottom of the pad/lowest, middle/medium, top/loudest?

I understand that the pad is velocity sensitive, if you will, that hitting lower on the pad triggers a lower veelocity, and velocity increases as you click higher on the pad; however, this shouldn’t change the actual volume settings in the voice section for the pad… which is what ends up happening.

I am also having similar problems with volume setting in Groove Agent One, though in Cubase 7, and have made a thread about it.

Am bumping this thread as Steinberg ask us to find multiple users having the same problem when we have found a potential bug.