Cubase 6.5 - Halion Sonic SE - Dark Planet Help

hi guys,

what a great forum for people like me!

I was wondering if you can help?

i installed cubase 64-bit and then bought dark planet. they didnt show up, so i found out you needed to update Halion Sonic to 1.6 which i did. patches showed up. happ days.

but 64-bit meant i lost some of my old VI’s… so i then installed cubase 32-bit ( in the program files(x86) ) folder of course.

in Halion sonic SE, they didnt show up, someone on this forum said i needed to update Halion Sonic 32-bit to 1.6, so i thought that would solve it.

it hasnt,

dark planet patches show up in 64-bit, but not in the 32-bit version of cubase…

im not getting any activation issues… but im starting to wonder wether i need to get another activation code from steinberg ? no ?

is there a way in cubase 32-bit of pointing Halion Sonic SE to the correct location ? this would solve it. … or are there just going to be too many problems associated with running 32-bit and 64-bit versions… ?

of course, any help guys, much appreciated.


ok so the project i made in cubase 64-bit, that uses the dark planet sounds… get this…

i load it up, in 32-bit version, and the sounds work?! but when i look in the search box for any dark planet sounds, theyre not there, just refreshing the list they show up 900 odd sounds instead of the 1700 that are there when dark planet is working…

i can view the dark planet GUI on this project in 32-bit mode, but i cannot get at any dark planet patches…