Cubase 6.5 Halion Sonic SE Out of Tune

Hi. Someone else expressed this problem at another thread that was locked, so I post it here. It had been a concern for years actually but these days the fact that the low notes sound out of tune is starting to concern me. “Hard Grand Piano” for instance, but also other ones like “[GM 002] Bright Acoustic Piano” to give an example. With “Hard Grand Piano” the problem is obvious but also noticeable with Bright Acoustic Piano. At octave C1 you can already notice it’s out of tune, but as the bass notes go to octave C0, it’s just not pleasant to listen to as the notes are increasingly out of tune. I hope someone has an advice what to do with this. Whether I could tune them. If not, where I could get better tuned samples. I think for a program that cost me over 600 euros at that time, this is very strange they didn’t get the frequencies of the lower notes right.