Cubase 6.5 hangs for AGES when starting

Found out that the Groove Agent .bin file in my VST3 folder is the problem. But now what?

Obviously if I just delete the file, I can’t use Groove Agent. But uninstalling Groove Agent doesn’t delete the bin file. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Groove Agent but, no change.

I’m running Cubase 6.5, and I upgraded from Artist 6.5 (which I bought, and installed the programme from these discs)… So perhaps installing from the Artist disc is the problem??

Windows 7, Core i5, 3.1GHz processor, 6GB RAM.

Appreciate any help. This one’s driving me nuts

No that shouldn’t be, cause the installation for Artist 6.5 and Full 6.5 is the same - the license for full Cubase unlocks the functions from the already installed Artist version. But did you upgrade to the latest version, 6.5.5?

Aha I didn’t think of that.

Naa I’m using 6.5.0, hadn’t had any problems so didn’t upgrade. Maybe now is the time

Nope it didn’t help.

I even did an uninstall - reinstall… hangs on the same place.