Cubase 6.5 / Melodyne timing issue

I have the VST3 version of Melodyne (latest update according to the software) loaded in Cubase 6.5 (latest version) on a MacPro with OS X 10.75

Several measures prior to the Melodyned vocal’s entrance there is a tempo-shift on the song’s master track (it slows down for half a measure then returns to the previous tempo). Melodyne doesn’t seem to follow this shift correctly. If I start playback prior to the tempo shift the vocal is several seconds late coming in. If I begin playback after the tempo shift everything times correctly. Whether or not I have Delay Compensation engaged makes no difference. The audio for the vocal is on the correct measure numbers within Melodyne.

I’m not sure if this is a Cubase issue or a Melodyne issue.

Please let me know what details you need to help get this fixed. I usually believe when errors like this happen it’s something I’ve done, but in this case it definitely appears to be a bug.

Thanks for your time.

–Leo Wolfe

I’m not sure if this is related but I also cannot Quit the Cubase application without a spinning beachball of death and having to Force Quit. Happy times.

About the timing issue:-
Press the button next to the tempo readout in melo, then playback over the section with the tempo change(s) in the project, so Melo can ‘learn’ these. Its in the Melo manual; look up ‘working with tempo changes’. If you’ve done this already and theres still a prob, then sorry, not sure what could be happening…


Last project I was working on I pretty much gave up on Melodyne with tempo changes, I never really got it to work. Theoretically, it should work as Puma0382 says, and there are many videos to further explain it all too. I would advise running through the whole project in one go to ‘program’ Melodyne with the tempo changes, not just a particular section, and this should be done before importing the audio for correction/adjustment I’d suggest. Or do small sections with new/different inserts and render as you go.

Let us know if it works for you, I haven’t used it for many months so perhaps it’s all been fixed now. I hope so. And I also hope that Steinberg implement the Melodyne ARA mechanism which enables Melodyne to, amongst other thingsm get the tempo map automatically.


Thank you both for your replies. Celemony support also e-mailed me back pretty quick.

The solution was, as you suggested, the button next to the tempo box. I played back the tempo change sections with that option box open (selecting varying tempo, unchecking stretch audio). It now tracks the tempo changes.

I wish Melodyne were integrated the way the Cubase native pitch shifting is. It’s the most natural pitch-shifting algorithm I’ve heard and makes all kinds of creative sculpting possible (not to mention the Direct Note Access possibilities). But things like adjusting tempos and having to record the audio each time there’s a new punch-in make it more tedious than I’d prefer.

Thanks again for your suggestions. Problem solved. (It may be worth trying Melodyne again, Mike - it was fairly simple once I knew how to deal with it.)


Glad it’s sorted. Yes, I’d sure love it to be integrated. I will be using it again soon, and I have to say each release gets better and better so I’m sure the problems I was having a while back during my last big project are sorted by now!

Just as an aside, I was exceedingly impressed when someone asked me if I could retune just the live vocal from a band’s back of the hall MP3 recording and blow me down Melodyne worked like a treat in polyphonic mode :open_mouth: :mrgreen: