Cubase 6.5 Mixer Routing question


in the mixer I need to create a new routing : i want to send 2 or 3 tracks to Another single track.
Is it possible ?
I know that i can send my tracks to groups or fx but to another single track ??

thank you for your help



No, this is not possible in the Cubase 6. The Group track is used for this. If you want to record group of track to another track, you can export it.

However, Cubas e 7 can set the Group as input. So you can route outputs of track to one Group, and than set this Group as input of another track. Quite useful. :wink:

OK. i will try this with CUBASE 7

Thank you.

You don’t have to have Cubase 7 to do this. Cubase 6 can do it as well.

Sorry, you are right, my mistake! It’s been a long time since I last ran Cubase 6. :slight_smile: