Cubase 6.5 on MAC Mojave?

I need that Steinberg Embracer synth from Cubase 6.5. I just pulled up an old project, so I thought I’d finish it in Cubase 6 where Embracer last shows up.

After various tweaks, I can get the installer for Cubase 6.5 to run on Mac OS Mojave… but I have yet to press “install”. I so scared…

Anyone know if this will be fine installed side-by-side with Cubase 11? And will it run, perhaps? I know on Windows 10, there is little issue with using Cubase 6. I’m hoping the same for MAC.


For anyone paying attention. Cubase 6.5 doesn’t open on MAC Mojave. Cubase 8.5 does (the last version of Cubase to support 32-bit vsts) but copying the 32-bit Embracer from 6.5 to 8.5 doesn’t work either. I tried multiple ways of trying to get it connected, jBridge even, and nothing works. 8.5 just won’t recognize Embracer on MAC Mojave… And since it’s a Steinberg VST meant for Cubase, Embracer won’t open in another DAW.

But Cubase 6.5 opens on Windows 10. I guess this means when you move forward in time on the MAC, you lose your ability to revisit the past. Windows 10, thank you.