Cubase 6.5 on Win10?

I’d like to know if Cubase 6.5.5 can run on Windows 10.

Sorry if the question may had been made already here, I did not find the topic.

Cheers, Matteo

Did you ever receive an answer for this, or find out if it does work? I’ve been hoping that someone out there has had the guts to try 6.5 on Windows 10 to see what happens.

I posted almost the same topic here:

If I find anything new out I’ll return and reply.

Good luck!

hello ,
i use cubase artist 6.5.3 on windows 10 and it works great , i just installed windows 10 over windows 7 (64bit) , i did not need to re-install anything , very impressed with windows 10 . All my other 3rd party plugins work great , as a matter of fact i would say windows 10 is a lot slicker and faster than windows 7 or 8 , The one downside for me was that windows 10 does not use firewire , so i had to upgrade my old firewire sound card to a USB one , but it was a few years old and did need upgrading . There was an issue with my ilock account not starting up , but i googled it and found a working solution within minutes , so all in all a very good upgrade that works great with cubase artist 6.5.3 , i would say far better than win 7+8 did.

cheers !!!

Thank you very much for the reply Stone1888! I really appreciate it, very helpful!