Cubase 6.5 on XP/Halion Sonic SE, Loop Mash,etc. are missing

I want to run Cubase 6.5 on Windows XP (many users are working with this combination properly), but here, after many tries with different possibilities of Installation (from CD, from the complete ISO 6.5., etc.), I have never Halion Sonic SE, Loop Mash, Retrologue and Padshop there.

The Installation often proceeded “sucessfully”, so now again, but I think the problem is about, that cubase doesn´t find the right place to load these plugins. I tried to scan new in the plugin-information dialogue, but it also doesn´t work, too.

Is there anybody knows this problem, and can tell me a workaround?

Thanks for your time,


Dear bluegoody,

Did you ever get a resolution?

Just wondering. Your post is less than filling.