Cubase 6.5 / QX49 midi controller

Hi Guys,

I initially set up my MIDI controls for my Alesis QX49 on Cubase 6. Ever since I upgraded to Cubase 6.5 every time I press play on my QX49 my project will only play as long as I keep the play button pressed manually. Everytime I lift my finger off the play button on the controller the projects stops. This also happens with the “Loop” button as well.

I’ve tried everything and I can’t seem to wrap my head around how to fix it.

Thank you in advance for your help

Did you set it up in generic remote? Check the flags for your play button there, there are some toggle options you may need to turn on or off.

First of all, make sure your QX49 Generic Remote Control Map is loaded and select it in Device Setup under ‘Remote Devices > Generic Remote’. Make sure that in the bottom window your Transport button Flags for Loop/Stop/Play/Rec are all set to ‘P,T,N’ [Push Button, Toggle, Not Automated].

If that isn’t solving any issues, you could try restoring your QX49 to factory settings. I’ve had a few nightmare issues with mine that were solved by doing this - keep in mind you’ll lose any saved presets.

QX49 Restore Factory Settings:
Hold down the Loop and Record transport buttons simultaneously prior to powering the QX49.

If this still doesn’t solve your problems, try reloading your transport controller map.

If THAT doesn’t help, then try venting your anger and smashing the QX49 against the wall into little bits. :smiley:

Thank you both…You guys were a tremendous help!!!
This is the best Forum…The knowledge base is outstanding!!