Cubase 6.5 Registration

Hey guys,

Just after a little help with my registration. Just recently upgrade to 6.5 after purchasing 6 a few weeks ago. Ever since I have been running 6.5 I keep getting a Register your product reminder everytime I open Cubase 6.5. I have checked in my steinberg and everything seems to be up to date. Any ideas on why this may be happening?



Just click to: Already registered. :wink:


Thanks for the reply. I have clicked Already Registered but it comes up again everytime I open my Cubase. Is this reminder meant to pop up everytime?

Sounds like maybe the registry is not getting updated?? Maybe try running cubase with admin rights, then click already registered.


The popup disappeared for me after I clicked ‘already registered’.
What’s interesting is that when I trashed my preferences, this popup came back again. From that I take that this setting is saved in your preferences somewhere. Would be nice to know where exactly, so you could just change the file manually.