Cubase 6.5 Stuttering Problem

I recently upgraded from Cubase Essential to Cubase 6.5. I’m running it on a HP i7 laptop with Windows 7. I use the Ci2+ USB interface.

Cubase Essential operated flawlessly for me, but I’m having issues with intermittent audio stuttering since the upgrade. This will happen with modest projects with only a couple audio tracks and two instances of Halion Sonic SE, so I know it’s not CPU or memory overload. Those performance monitors don’t show much activity (though I just realized I didn’t check them for “spikes” when stuttering occurs. Not sure if that would matter.)

The only thing I did that seemed to solve the problem immediately was lowering the latency in the control panel. But after a few hours, the problem returned. Lowering the latency even more didn’t help and only introduced unpleasant crackling. Increasing the latency didn’t make it noticeably better or worse.

I can’t remember if Cubase essential only runs in 32 bit? Maybe that’s the problem, since I’m now running in 64 bit.

I just have a couple third party plug-ins: Addictive Drums (demo) and Lazysnake, but I don’t think those are the problem.

I only have modest recording needs. I’ll be using Halion SonicSE for most of my sounds, so it should be running smoothly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Right click on Cubase 6 and look at the “emulation” setting. It should be set for W7. I had one program recently that was set for the wrong emulation, Adobe reader I think, though.
All I can think of for now.
The plugs could be a problem so try removing them and see how it goes or you could try demoing jbridge if they are 32 bit and not playing ball with Cubase’s bridge.

Thanks! When you say right click on Cubase 6, do you mean within the program in the project window?

No. Programs/Steinberg/Cubase6/

Hi Conman. I can’t find that path. My directory path says C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 6 but there’s no “” that I can see.

So the Cubase program is not on your machine?
You can’t find Cubase in any Steinberg folder?

I’m afraid that spending several hundred dollars on a program and you don’t have the grasp of computer basics is going to give you some grief for some time.
If I were you I’d book some media college time on a Cubase course and start again because it’s unlikely that, should you get a serious problem, that this forum could help you that much.

this computer where you can use software that isn’t installed i also would to own^^

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 6
there should lie the cubase6.exe

*.exe is the file extension of an execute able file (an application) for MSWindows systems…
here a link to the probably most useful thread in the whole forum: The Steinberg Forum Knowledgebase for Users by Users - Steinberg Lounge - Steinberg Forums

you are saying that LOWering the ASIO buffer helps?

Thanks for the helpful links. The optimization steps didn’t have any effect, nor did updating the drivers for my CI2+.

I finally decided to reinstall in 32 bit mode. That seems to have worked. =)