cubase 6.5 upgrade to 7 missing presets etc...

I need to update all my presets from cubase 6.5 to 7

Is there a way to move or copy a file that will do this transfer automatically or do i need to find the locations of all the preset files and copy and paste them to their corresponding cubase 7 folder?

I have done this with my custom saved templates and it works fine in 7, but all my presets, and vst connection routing presets are missing.

There must be a way to simply upload a file from cubase 6.5 to 7 to update all my midi,project, etc settings in one go?

Or is everyone just doing it manually?


I have the same issue now after upgrading from 6.0.5 to 7.0.1.

Is there a solution to it, or is it possible to copy the old settings to Cubase 7?