Cubase 6.5 upgrade

Hi everyone,
I’m just curious if this upgrade is free now or still a paid update? I’m still currently happy with version 6 and would like to upgrade to 6.5 if possible. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

It´s of course still a paid update - apart from that it is no longer officially available…

Well that stinks. Lol
I was hoping to upgrade even if it meant paying

Aloha D,

Why not give the C7.5 demo a try.

Won’t cost you any $$ and you may find it (like many users) to
be a superior product when compared to the C6 series.

For me one of the main beauties of C6/C6.5 was/is stability.

From my current use I find that C7.5 has now also reached that same state of stability.
A pleasure to use.

Good Luck!

Only 1 year late…
You can upgrade to 7, and use that license to run 6.5.