Cubase 6.5 warp, Tempo problem fixing


I’ve recently bought a Cubase 6.5. Now I’m working with a band on a 6 songs EP. Of course you can accidentally find minor tempo errors in drums, guitars, bass guitars, etc. I fixed the drums quite good with the new warping technique of Cubase 6.5, but I can’t manage it with the quitars, and the bass guitar.

I’ve recorded them in many tracks (ie. the guitars in 10) and I don’t know how the warping works in Cubase 6.5 the same way as in Pro Tools.

Do you have any solution for this issue?

Thank you for your reply.

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The time warp tool in the arrange let’s you create dynamic
tempo maps. So as long as your audio-material is not in musical mode
and not yet cut right, it doesn’t work.

You have to use the warp ankers in the audio editor.
When you alt+click you create new warp ankers
that let you stretch the material the way you want it to be.
An automatic transient detection makes no sense as
the material of bass and guitar isn’t as percussive as drums.
So a transient detection wouldn’t give you a useful result.


Thank you for your reply. So it means that there’s no opportunity in Cubase 6.5 to edit the coherent tracks /multichanneled guitars/? The “musical mode” means the tiny note icon in the audio tracks. Would you be so kind to explain what it means?


Ok. Musical Mode stretches the audio so that it matches
with the project tempo or pitches the audio the right way
when you’ve set a root key for your project.
But therefor you have to cut the audio to the right length of bars
and then give it a bpm (stretch) or a root key (pitch) in
the audio editor (you see it in the info-line of the audio-editor).
Now you can set it to musical mode correctly and changes in
the tempo map will take effekt on the audio.

We have no freewarp tool in Cubase yet.
You can try to put all the tracks that have to be
edited the same way in a folder track and activate
the multi-edit button. I haven’t tried that for anything
but drums yet. But I guess the problem is that you still move
the warp ankers independently. And quantizing a guiar with
warp ankers at it’s transients won’t have the effect you need
I guess.

You could do it this way:

Put the guitar tracks in a folder track and activate the multi-edit-button
so that you slice all the tracks at the same position when you make a cut.
Now every time you find a part that has tempo issues in it,
cut it. Then set the cursor to timestretch-mode and grab and pull the event-handles
to correct it.

I hope you get what I mean. Otherwise I’ll give you a small vid later on.

I’m really grateful for your reply, and all your tips.

I’d be really happy if you made a video about this. :slight_smile:

I still don’t get completely the musical mode. If I’m not wrong, if a file is in musical mode, then Cubase will automaticly adjust the audio event to the project’s tempo? It’d be a great help.

How can I tune up the root key? And how can I switch the audio files to musical mode?

In my current project I have plenty of tracks /75/. I’d like to reduce somehow the time spent for tempo error fixing.

Thank you very very much for your help!

Thanks for linking the videos. I saw them earlier, and my issue is else: your linked videos showed me how to change the tempo of all of my audio files, and all of my projects. The thing I’m looking for is fixing eg. the guitar’s tempo problems in a project for instance when a guitar won’t follow the metronome. I have many cognate tracks (eg. the guitars 10, bass 5), and I don’t know how I can warp them at the same time, like in Pro Tools.

No1DaBeats wrote me an option, but I don’t understand it clearly. Today I’m willing to give it a try, and I desperately hope, he will show it in a small video :slight_smile:.

So, thanks for your help.

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I had to do this quick as I don’t have much time.
But this is how you can do it:

I know it’s not like the freewarp in PT as you cannot set the sync-point for the stretch
in the middle or anywhere and you always have to do it with the handles of the event-start or -end.
But it works quite good for me.

So make sure:

  • you have the tracks of the multi-mic’d instrument in a folder track and multi-editing activated
  • the cursor is set to time-stretch-mode
  • you hit the alt-button and left-click to cut
  • make cross-fades when you’re done

That’s a way to do it 'til the freewarp is available in Cubase.

Best regards.

Hi Szebi, do you want to “sync” all the recorded guitars to align on all tracks, or do you want to edit all the guitar tracks together so that they keep the same tempo differences between each other but more “in time” as a whole?

Depending on this you have to follow different paths to get it done.

If you need to align all the attacks in the guitar tracks, so they sound perfectly aligned with each other, I believe you can make warp markers in each track separately, at the sync points you want, and then use the Audio Warp Quantize feature to make all the tracks align with each other.

If you need to keep everything as it is, but sync one of the tracks to the correct time, like in multitrack drum editing, then i think group editing is the way to do this.

I haven’t tested the first option, but I walways wondered if this would work for aligning vocals for example…

It doesn’t.

Of course, you should really fix the drums before tracking up guitars etc…

But have you had a look at what the Set Definition From Tempo function can do for you?

The answer is that there isn’t a way to do what he wants. Being able to warp the audio to the tempo map freely in the project window is a huge feature request.

You can do it painfully in the audio editor one track at a time. But it is very fussy and the resulting audio file has to be bounced to get it to work properly with other project editor functionality.

You can do multi track warp with the set definition command, works very well, just a different approach needed.

Not to say a good implementation of a PT style drag about wouldn’t be a very welcome addition though.

Like I said:

  • timestretch-cursor
  • multiediting activated
  • alt + leftclick to cut
  • crossfades

I’d love to hear the results of that on multi-miced piano.

Splits method won’t work for it either. Especially if another track has been used to extract the tempo map.

Yeah it will, just make another tempo map.

I’ll give it another whirl, but I’ve banged my head against that wall quite a bit. Getting another map doesn’t solve the alignment issue. And remember these tracks are VERY non-transient. It is a PITA to get a map from them.

Who said that there was a tempo extracted?
I thought there were only quantized drum tracks.

And who said there was piano? I thought we’re talking about guitars.

And why should there be a problem with splitting and stretching the audio?
Unless the changes are not too drastic you won’t get audible fragments and
when multiediting is active you won’t get any phasing problems.

Doesn’t matter if its guitar, piano or trash can lids, it’s the same problem multi-miced acoustic guitars then. You can’t cut/xfade arpeggiated sections in classical guitar for example. Group editing sucks monkey balls for non-transient multi-track recording. Fixing a 30 track 20 minute song one fucking track at a time blows. I dump and do it in PT in 5 minutes. Then import back into Cubase. It’s one of those things that PT has right. Timewarp is great … Group editing is awesome on Rock/Pop/Dance drums. It is not useable for music that is non-transient in nature.

The only REAL solution is to allow us to put in our own freewarp markers and drag. Which you can sort of do one track at a time in audio editor. But again, it doesn’t work multi-track. And it’s unnecessarily laborious and finicky.

EDIT: I’m going to give Splits suggestion a try one more time. I’d rather not use export/import on a regular basis.