Cubase 6.5 /Windows 7 via Bootcamp ?


I am curious to know if any Mac/Cubase 6.5/ users are running it on a bootcamped Mac, Windows 7 ?

Does running on Windows 7 via Bootcamp offer a significant performance improvement (compared to OSX ?) ? or not much ? and how much would this differ from running it on a PC/Windows 7 ?

Any feedback on this would be interesting.

(p.s. I’m guessing this is the right section of the forum to post this, although I could have posted it in the HW-section, but since it is more to do with OS-choice, I posted it here.)


Hmmm… Very interesting, No Bootcampers with Cubase 6/6.5 ?

I just threw a new drive into my MP and installed Lion. But I did leave a big partition for Win7 because I want to make a performance test. I mean, if Apple does´t upgrade the MacPro… on the other hand I think music PC’s are quite expensive. I am not going to build one my self. Don’t have time or care for that. I am used to Win7 and guess I could live with it. It’s guide ugly, 2 D’ish and seem very dated compared to Lion. But if Cubase runs significantly faster… why not :slight_smile: I’ll come back with my observations.

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the feedback. I’m considering bootcamping my Mac Pro as well. I just installed Lion, and have enough room for a Windows 7 partition, so I feel it might trying Cubase 6.5 on both OSystems. I’m pretty sure it will be much more efficient on the Windows 7 partition. :smiley:


The tests I’ve read show that Windows 7 is much more efficient than OSX, and certainly having a dual-boot hackintosh, it’s much tardier in OSX than it is in 7.

Can’t say I give a monkey’s about the OS itself, in terms of appearance or anything else, it’s whether it works for me. Win 7 works well, and has a much wider range of decent freeware plugins available.

I just read the tests at It seems like Win7 is more efficient at lower buffers - but already at buffer 256 OSX is getting closer. I always work at buffer 1024 so the difference will probably be marginal. I’ll not move to Win7 for a 10% CPU gain. That’s not worth it. ( And no thanks - I don’t need more freeware plug-ins or cracked software, so that’s not really an argument. )

Ive boot camped my Macpro and even at 256 buffer OSX is not even close to windows sadly

I wonder if the Steinberg development team can significantly improve Cubase 7 on Mac OSX ? I hope they can !