Cubase 6.5.x cumulative installer?


first time poster here. I had to reinstall my Win7 Home 64bit laptop, and before reinstalling Cubase, I’d like to ask if there is a cumulative installer for 6.5.x?

I understand some time ago there was a trial version for 6.5 which could be activated with the licenser to become full version. This is no longer available for download on the Steinberg webpage.

I’d like to skip installing 6.0 from the original disc, then update to 6.5, then install 6.5.5 patch, if feasible.

[EDIT] I have the original 6.0 boxed version w/ disc, I do not have a full 6.5 installer.


You can skip anyway, cause the license for 6.5 is on your dongle. Just install the latest 6.5 full installer you have and then patch up to the latest 6.5.x version.

Hi Arjan,

yup, the licence is on the dongle, however I have the 6.0 installer disc only. I think the downloadable 6->6.5 update requires 6.0 to be already installed on the system, it doesn’t work standalone.

Anyways, I’ll just do the full upgrade steps, weekend buys me time.


Yes, you’re right, 6.5 was always an update. Oh well, enjoy your weekend!

I have two licences - Cubase 8 Pro and Cubase 6.5.
Looks like i’ve lost a 6.5 installation CD and can’t find a way to reinstall it on my secondary system… Full installers are not available on Even Cubase 6 is update only. Where can i find it?

I 've posted the same question few days ago. No answer :frowning:
I should have made of copy of the DVD :frowning:
If you have a solution, please inform me !

Best Regards,