Cubase 6.5.x update schedule / Release date?

Any idea when the next patchfix will be released?

Nobody has any info?


and what would you like fixed mayi ask ?

I would like an officially supported 6.5.1/6.5.2 or whatever number they come up with to be released.
So far just the pre-released 6.5.1 that was months ago.


I think that was where I was headed with my question.

This Tuesday? July? 2012? :smiley:

My 6.5.2 runs just fine, I’m not in a desperate need for an update to be honest :confused:
I just need to figure out how midi comping works. Tried it today for the first time, it’s nothing like audio comping which threw me off a little. Might just pick up the manual and learn some new stuff :sunglasses:


did you mean 6.5.1?

Nope, 6.5.2 :wink:
the .2 was only released for Artist.

oh. ok. I see.

Well, I would like them to “bless” the 6.5.1 release instead of telling me “Swim at your own risk”. Doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy. :laughing:

I still don’t trust Cubase 6 (and especially not 6.5) on an everyday basis. Still too many bugs and unpredictable crashes for my taste. So I still do most of my work in 5.5.3. Anxiously awaiting the update on 6.5 so I can start using the awesome timestretch…

Unfortunately Microsoft has set the standard “How I learned to live with crap and love it.”

Oracle, and other software vendors have followed Microsoft’s lead in turning out software that has bugs and instead of fixing them, the bugs persist until the new version which you are charged for where those bugs may or may not be fixed, however you can rest assured that new bugs will be introduced.

If you don’t think this is a successful strategy for a company look at Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison. who just bought almost the entire Island of Lanai, the 6th Largest of the Hawaiian Islands.


its tuesday. update patch??

Isn’t this that Popeye/Wimpy thing where Wimpy says I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today?

Hm, thought so. :laughing:

yes, with the same results. :laughing:

One good thing about Native Instruments website is they have an ongoing thread per product, that gives you an idea of when to expect a new update.

Currently Maschine is due out with a 1.8 version upgrade. The thread shows that its in beta testing.

I would love it if Cubase would do something similar instead of us hanging around outside the back of the ballpark waiting for a random foul ball to popped up and caught in the parking lot.

I agree with you, I hate all the suspense. But only because all the updates to Cubase have been awesome so far. Who wouldn’t want more?

As it stands I think they are trying to figure out what to do with all these various versions that are running… I can’t imagine they will deliver C7 without discontinuing C6.0X, in other words, but I could be way off. It’s confusing to me and I suspect it must be to them also.

For myself, the C6.5.1 is filling all my needs and then some so I can do without the update. But hey, if it is an even better product then by all means, I would love to see an update.