Cubase 6.5

Hey guys,

I seem to have forgotten the process in which I install Cubase 6.5 update.
Do I install the Cubase 6 dvd I have then download the update and install?
Any info appreciated.


That sounds correct to me. Also, make sure you install the latest eLicenser Control Center …

Chris I fyou simply use the 6.5 update you wont have the Reverence presets/ HSE presets Library / GA 1 library etc… SO Install 6 from DVD…then 6.5 update…Then 6.54 Update …in that order.

thanks lads. done :slight_smile:

installed dvd of 6 then all 6.5 updates.

i had 6.5 on my mac but im moving my daw to my pc as it out-performs the mac (see sig)
after i installed it all on pc, the elicenser picked up my license on the dongle. result!