cubase 6_64/32 - no midi playback of new recording

just trying out cubase 6 (curently using 5) : probably a simple overlook of one of the midi settings, but so far i’ve not been able to find a solution on my win7 set-up (64 or 32). it works o.k. in win xp_32 on another partition.
C6 will play previous stuff recorded in cubase5 on xp, but,
for new midi recording, nothing is showing, nothing is playing back, but i can see the notes and hear them when i open the sequence in edit mode and scroll!!!

what am i missing? thanks in advance for suggestions :slight_smile:

Do you use Control Room?

no. i don’t use control room.

in addition to my original post, i can say that when i open edit mode on a new midi track, i do see the notes, but the duration is not accurate at all - no long sustained note.

Which MIDI interface do you use?

hi, thanks for hanging with me!

midiman anniversary edition, latest driver.
triggered from a yamaha clavinova pf - p100

always worked flowlessly b4 :frowning:

mea culpa! mea culpa! mea culpa!

thanks mashedmitten for pointing me in the right direction.

actually, my m-audio driver for the midiman interface was not the latest…

after updating, everything is fine now!

merci beaucoup, très sympa mon ami! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: