Cubase 6 64-bit Mac questions

So I have Cubase 6 64-bit up and running successfully on our Mac system, and am enjoying making use of all our memory. Two things that have been pointed out by Steinberg that will not work: mp3 import/export and running rewire apps.

Are these things that are likely to never work, or something that may be addressed in a future update. Both are important to our setup and its the only thing thats stopping me from fully committing to 64-bit. Is it because the Rewire app is required to be 64-bit also?

Thanks steinberg


I think mp3 import/export works now on 64bits OSX with 6.02…

Cool thanks. Will update. ANy word on rewire functionality steinberg?

Hello Atardecer,

Regarding rewire: This is not in our hands. propellerheads needs to come with a 64-bit component.



Hi Chris,

I’m switching to mac, is omf import/export 64 bit now working in the latest update?