Cubase 6 64bit StackHash crash


One of my sessions continues to crash on opening with the following error

Cubase.exe StackHash crash

I’m on Windows 7 64 bit with 8GB of RAM and I’ve disabled DEP.

Any help would be great, I’m hoping to get this project done this weekend !

for those who hit the same or similar issue

turned DEP off
Updated Jbridge,
moved the folder and renamed it - worked

considering Pro Tools

You say you turned DEP off? For Cubase? You know, I could do this in XP no problem, but the DEP controls in Win7 would not let me isolate the Cubase file. So I can’t turn DEP off for Cubase in Win7 and I didn’t think it was possible. If you don’t mind, would you show me your steps to do this?

Also a google of ‘stackhash’ gave me this. Long read but interesting. It seems stackhash occurs probably because of a memory issue.

<< Stack Hashes are basically data from programs that are in memory, that is unreserved for that program.

You see there is memory reserved for each program when it starts. The data from the program is extrapolated by the processor and sorted out in the processor cache if it overloads the processor cache it is feed into memory addresses that are reserved for that use, for the use of the processor to sort out the program, as it is loading.

A application will fail, or crash when that code is copied into memory and it loses some data. Data loss happens because the memory still has static built up in it that was not cleared properly or it simply ran out of room and over wrote the memory that was previously there, stringing the data together confusing the processor when it tries to load the program.

This would explain why it happens when you right click on a program, or open it. It can also happen if you are playing video or music.

Video and music data does not look different but, if a block of data overwrites another, even if the memory has been cleared by the processor, static electricity is very volatile. The science of using static electricity is really young.

Electrostatic discharge from your body can cause serious damage to your memory and has to be refreshed constantly. Electrostatic discharge from your body can burn out everything on your motherboard.

They have that hexadecimal code such as 7f04 or ac62, because that is the address in memory of the faulty code.

It can also happen if it pushes the data into memory blocks and can’t remember it did. This is called buffer overrun. It has too much Data to process at the time and it overruns the buffer and is pushed into those reserved blocks of memory I referred to. Buffer overrun is not a myth, it is common and most occasions when it happens, the memory holds it, the processor knows where it is and what it is, but, a certain small percentage is not.

The answer to the problem is to make sure you have enough memory. Other than that, well it is a bug. A hardware/software interaction type of bug. A bug that cannot be solved by any fix besides that. Watch your memory usage levels when you do it, if you can. How much memory are you using? You can simply right click on an item and all the sudden crash, the application fails.

It is a clash of data. Don’t let it bother you, when it happens shut down your computer for like 30 seconds so that the static memory is cleared naturally and watch your memory usage.

Its a way for your computer to say I can’t take it anymore, I need a bit of a break.

Or if it happens frequently like a couple of times an hour, a few times a day, you need new memory or more memory. Depending on whether you are redlining during normal usage or not. Because if it is then your computer needs new memory, if it happens constantly at the same hexadecimal address, you are going to have to buy new memory anyway because it is Farked.

Answer buy some good memory. Or go easy on the memory you have it’s not fool proof you know, Nothing is fool proof.

As for you other idiots, do any of you have a computer science degree? People at Microsoft are fools, the rate of Windows crashes are the result of not paying attention to hardware load. (They were only recently shown the error of their ways.)

The best way to run windows is to use a virtual machine on top of Ubuntu. Like they call Windows M.E., Many errors, they should call Ubuntu no errors. But software companies do not write software for people with understanding of computer hardware.

Don’t get excited, we could still be using punch cards and light bulb processing. Snicker

15 minutes of my life were wasted here. But, that’s life, a big waste of time.

By the way your captcha is wonky. >>

The same page said it was not helpful to disable DEP in Windows. :astonished: But maybe the main thing is that I also have 8G of ram on my Win7 64 machine and things work very well here. Reading this article I have to ask what your MB and processor are? Is this a new machine?

Topic back from the dead.

Moved the folder, which folder?