Cubase 6 64bits crashes when playing "Gonna get you" project


I just received Cubase 6 this week-end. I watched the video tutorials and wanted to play with the “Gonna get you” project tutorial. But each time I start to play the song, Cubase 6 crashes (happens after the piano enters).

Am I the only one in this case? I would like to know if something is wrong in my setup, or if it’s just a Cubase 6 bug.

I run Cubase 6 64bits on Windows 7 64bits (i7 950 + 12Gb RAM), with RME HDSP 9632 or Alesis Multimix 16 USB (project crashes with both setup).

By the way, I love this new version, beautiful and efficient, but those crashes are quite frustrating!




I have exactly the same problem.

My set up is: Intel Xeon - E5530 @ 2.40 GHZ 10 gig of ram using the CL 1 interface

running Windows 7 64 bit and Cubase 6 64 bit.

I have tried loading the song both from my hard disk and from the CD - same result

Sudden and total crash of the programme - and then a humming sound that can only be got rid of by rebooting the computer

I agree it is frustrating (but sadly not unexpected) - Hopefully somebody will come up with a solution quickly as I worry that it will also when I am doing something more important.


“Gonna Get You” works fine here: Windows 7 64, Cubase 6 64, i7 920, 12GB RAM, TC Electronic Impact Twin

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one!

Could be a good idea to find what’s causing the crashes, because I wouldn’t like to see it happening on a project I’m working on, and suddenly not being able to play it. Any idea? Interface related?


it works also here without any problems (MR816)

Could you please check if you have installed the latest Quicktime version on your computer ?



I had the same problem the first day I tried Cubase 6 64 bit (I mentioned it some threads ago), but it hasn’t happened to me again. I did upgrade the Quicktime (well, concretely QT_Lite) to the latest version, so it may be related to Quicktime after all. I suggest you to check it and upgrade if not up to date.


i am not on 6 yet - but i find when 5.5.X is having trouble with stability in 64 bit a plug in is often culprit (with native instruments’ stuff i have had the 32 bit dlls drop in my 64 bit folder - so making sure all those ducks are in a row helps)

Also watch out for all the security dongles out there - i have also found that when my elicensor or ilok arent up to snuff - it can cause some crashing sillyness… seems obvious but i cant tell you how often I getting all heated at cubase… then quickly realize (palm to face)